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Total ionising dose

Total ionising dose (TID)


The cumulated dose can induce a degradation of electrical and functional parameters and can lead to the destruction of the electronic component.

TRAD designs test benches allowing drift measurements after each irradiation step for different dose rates and according to the evaluated technology.

Our irradiation procedures comply with the MIL-STD-883 Method 1019, ESA/SCC 22900, ASTM F1892 or other specification according to your needs, in terms of the CO60 dose rates, irradiation steps and parametric measurements. Parameter drifts are measured and registered thanks to our test benches.

TRAD test benches:

- M3000 Universal and Mixed-technology tester
- Diamond D10 LTX-Credence
- Logic Analyzer bench (HP16500B)
- High Frequency Characterization bench

LEISA, our data processing tool, and our report generation software allow TRAD to communicate tests results very quickly.

Post-Irradiation analysis:

- Dose hardness evaluation
- Design Dose estimate
- TID test Data Base

TRAD test benches