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Total Ionizing Dose, Displacement Damage and Shielding


  • How do we evaluate the received dose in each component of our equipment?
  • What is the radiative environment that should be taken into account for a deposited dose analysis?
  • What are the shielding solutions that can make our project compliant with radiation requirements?

TRAD’s experts have a wide experience in dose calculation and can provide a complete solution for radiation analysis.

Thanks to our efficient space environment and radiation CAD software, we are able to:

  • Achieve a 3D radiation model of your system
  • Calculate the dose depth curve for your space mission
  • Evaluate the received dose at any point of the model
  • Propose shielding solutions which optimize the mass budget
  • Perform radiation dose shield calculations

Total Ionizing Dose, Displacement Damage & Shielding

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