Test means

TRAD has a wide choice of available test devices and benches which can provide immediate response to the following requests:

  • Electrical parametric characterization
  • Functional tests
  • Vacuum or thermal cycling tests
  • Complete Up-Screening test sequence
  • Evaluation and qualification of COTS
  • Relifing
  • Lot acceptance tests (discrete, I.C, hybrid)
  • Specific test bench development on request

TRAD has a test database of more than 800 different devices covering a wide range from transistors to microprocessors.

Our systematization process allows us to achieve short development delays and high precision measures. The TRAD engineering team can also help you to find solutions to test or characterize specific or obsolete non-supported devices. We can provide you with specific test benches using motherboards or devices developed by TRAD, in order to qualify non-standard products or perform a high range of tests with a minimal cost impact compared to standard industrial test benches.

We can also provide technical support to help you adapt complex laboratory test benches, to take into account portability issues, material activation, vacuum constraints or any concern related to radiation tests or facilities.

For your specific needs, contact us at: tests trad.fr