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Single Events Effect (SEE) for heavy ions and protons

Single Event Effects (SEE) for heavy ions and protons.

Single Event Effects
are caused by heavy ions and some other particles.
A single interaction produces dysfunction and sometimes destruction of an electronic device.

  • SEL (Single Event Latch up)
  • SET (Single Event Transients)
  • SEU (Single Event Upsets)
  • SEGR, SEB (Single Event Burnout, Single Event Gate Rupture)
  • SEFI, Stuck-Bits...

Our tests are in compliance of MIL-STD-883, ESA SCC 25100, JEDEC 57, ASTM F1192... or other specification according to your needs.
TRAD has tested hundreds of devices.

Heavy ions Tests are performed at:

  • UCL Louvain, Belgium
  • RADEF Jyvaskyla, Finland
  • TAMU Texas, USA
  • KVI, the Netherlands
  • PSI Paris, France