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OMERE Software

OMERE is a freeware dedicated to space environment and radiation effects on electronic devices.

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This tool is developed by TRAD with the support of the CNES. It also includes the requirements of our partners: THALES ALENIA SPACE, EADS-ASTRIUM, EADS-ST, ONERA, CEA, ESA. OMERE computes the space environment and the radiation effects on electronic equipment in terms of dose, displacement damage, single event effect and solar cell degradation.

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OMERE Software
Electron flux mapping at 1000km.

The different models present in OMERE are:

  • Environment:
    - Trapped particles: AE8, AP8, IGE2006, MEO v2, OZONE
    - Solar particles: ESP, JPL91, SOLPRO, SPOF (ONERA), CREME86, IOFLAR
    - Cosmic rays: GCR ISO, CREME86, CREME96
  • Radiation effects
    - Dose: dose depth curve using SHIELDOSE 2, total dose using a sector file
    - Displacement damage: NIEL for any kind of material (NEMO-ONERA code)
    - Single Event Effect: Weibull, Bendel, PROFIT, SIMPA, database…
    - Solar cells: Si and Ga-As cells

OMERE Software
Dose rate calculated by OMERE on a Low Earth Orbit.

OMERE Software
SEE module dialogs

The interface has been designed in collaboration with our industrial partners in order to provide you with the fastest and most efficient way to perform your radiation effect analysis.

This software is freely available on the WEB since 2003.