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Nuclear and Radiation Protection Domains

TRAD is committed to working with you in the nuclear and radiation protection domains. Whether it’s in dose calculation (DED), software tool development or hardening electronic systems, TRAD will supply you with experts in each of these domains in order to bring you the most efficient solutions.

Analysis & Calculation

Our nuclear calculation experts offer calculation and radiation protection services and expertise. The tools (RayXpert®, MCNPX, FISPACT) and methods used at TRAD allow a very fine estimation of dose levels permitting precise shielding sizing calculation. Our engineers are committed to working alongside you in order to assist you in the preparation of the ASN authorization request document.

Dose rate on a Co60 calculation
(MCNP Calculation)


The RayXpert® tool developed and distributed by TRAD offers a user-friendly interface for gamma dose rate calculation using Monte Carlo. Its STEP file import module allows you to read imported CAD models from tools such as CATIA, Autocad, SolidWorks,… The user selects one or several sources for which he defines the characteristics (EAF2010 data library). The 3D Monte Carlo calculation lets the user estimate the dose rate and the gamma energy flux at any point in the model.
Please visit our RAYXPERT® page.

View of RayXpert interface
View of RayXpert® interface

You can visit the website of the software here


With more than 15 years of experience in the evaluation of radiation effects on electronic systems and materials, TRAD is your partner for your equipment nuclearisation.

  • Life-time estimation
  • Availability rate (single effects)
  • Shielding solutions
  • Help in technology assessment and benchmarking

The CERN, EDF, the CEA trust TRAD for its expertise and know-how in this domain.

For more information, please contact: rayxpert