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Assessing the radiation hardness of surface and bulk materials is of great importance to have global visibility of the ageing characteristics.

That’ s why TRAD has always been investing in efficient test facilities !

This year, we have launched Swipi, a low ernergy proton gun allowing reproduction of solar winds

Characteristics of Swipi - Solar Wind Proton Irradiation:

  • Protons Irradiation from 300 eV to 5 keV
  • Beam scanning : 65 mm in diameter with a current
    of 2 μA (1.25 1013 to 1KeV
  • Temperature range : -185°C/+190°C
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling
Test sequence definition Radiative environment Testing

  • In accordance with ECSS-Q-ST-70-06C
  • Protons from a few keV to 3 MeV
  • Electrons from 100 keV to 10 MeV
  • Cobalt 60

to solve problems of coatings, films and composites qualification …

Vacuum and Atmospheric thermal cycling

  • In accordance with ECSS-Q-ST-70-04C
  • Vacuum Facility
    - Pressure of about 1e-5 mbar
    - Temperature from -185°C to +190°C
  • Atmospheric Facility
    - Under flowing Nitrogen gas
    - Temperature from -185°C to +400°C
Vacuum thermal cycling device
UV Ageing Facility UV ageing under vacuum

  • In accordance with ECSS-Q-ST-70-06C
  • UV spectrum – up to 15 suns -(ASTM E490 - available)
  • In-situ monitoring of the UV flux -and the sample temperature

Keeping material in UV (200-400 nm) for validation of thermo-optical, coatings, adhesives, glass, …

Characterization Means & Functional Testing

  • Imagery
    - optical microscope
    - SEM & Xray analysis
  • Optical measurements
    - transmission
    - reflectivity / absorptivity
  • Electrical measurements
    - voltage tests
    - insulation resistance (surface, transverse)
  • Mechanical testing
New applications

To meet your requirements and needs, TRAD can propose a reactive and cost-effective approach for:

  • risk analysis & qualification
  • technological audits
  • failure analyses

Or specific developments:

  • evaluation & characterization tests
  • studies

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