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GUARD System

TRAD has developped a fully integrated test bench to perform Single Event Latchup tests (SEL). The GUARD system (Graphical Universal Autorange Delatcher) enables the user to easily protect his device under test and perform SEL characterization.

The GUARD system is equipped with six CPU controlling and monitoring power supply channels which can detect out of range supply current of a device under test and perform a fast power off cycle. With this system the user can:

  • Work using power supplies from +- 1V up to +- 15V.
  • Detect current threshold from 10µA to 2A.
  • Perform custom power off cycles with a timing resolution of 10µs.

GUARD SystemThe GUARD system embeds a practical LCD display as well as a keyboard interface for easy and fast set up.

Each SEL detected is locally counted and the system can be synchronized with other acquisition devices to allow fine current shape characterization.

GUARD system also includes a custom monitoring mode for current characterization without power off cycle (for example to characterize current shift).

It can be linked to a computer with special software for remote set up and advanced data processing.