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Atmospheric Neutrons and alpha particles

IBM Journal of Reseach and Development 1996 ANGEL - Neutron spectrum for a trajectory

Atmospheric NEUTRONS and ALPHA particle contaminations are responsible for disrupting electronic devices.

  • Who is concerned:
    • Aerospace industries: reliability of electronic systems
    • Electronic manufacturers: deep submicronic technologies
  • Single Event Effects:
    • SEL: Latch up, destructive phenomena
    • SET: Transients, propagating glitches
    • SEU: Upsets, memory structure flips
    • SEGR, SEB, SEFI...

Test methods: our tests are compliant with the JEDEC 089 specifications.

  • ASER (Accelerated Soft Error Rate test)
    • Neutron facility: CEA Valduc, Los Alamos.
    • Alpha source: Am241 available at TRAD
  • SSER (System SER or unaccelerated SER test)
    • Natural radioactive flux
    • Several months for reliable statistics

Software ANGEL SEE rate prediction:

  • Atmospheric neutron spectrum prediction
  • SER prediction (neutron) based on test results
  • BGR method

Observed phenomena

Atmospheric Neutrons and Alpha particle contaminations are problems today, and testing their effects is the solution for tomorrow.

Neutron tests are performed to study the effects of neutron interactions in electronic systems using MIL-STD-883 method 1017.2.

  • Observed phenomena
    • Displacement damage
    • Permanent electrical parameter drifts
  • Data analysis
    • Neutron hardness evaluation
    • Design neutron fluence correlation

Thanks to our long experience in neutron testing, military experts trust us to perform neutron tests using their facilities.

Neutrons (fast and thermal) and dose rate

Observed phenomena

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