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Radiation tests panel

TRAD proposes its extensive experience in testing components under radiation:

Radiation tests panel Total ionizing dose (high and low dose rate)
- Single Event Effects for heavy ions and protons
- Displacement Damage
- Neutrons (fast and thermal)
- Atmospheric neutrons and alpha particles
- Flash X tests
- Pulsed Laser

All of TRAD’s test team has expert dual electronic and radiation skills. In this way, the test benches are designed specifically taking into account the constraints due to radiation, according to ESA/SCC, MIL-PRF, ASTM or other specifications, according to your requirements.

The SEE tests are carried out under heavy ions, neutrons and protons. Test reports include all the information needed to calculate the occurrence rate of SEU (Single Event Upset), SET (Single Event Transient) SEL (Single Event Latch up) SEFI (Single Event Functional Interrupt) and any other singular effect.

TRAD has all the skills to conduct a comprehensive radiation study, from the modelization and radiation analysis of your equipment, to the implementation of test benches and test campaigns.

For each test, we provide a comprehensive report resuming all input data (specifications, test plan, full test bench traceability: cards, measuring devices), data output (test results, analyses if required) allowing you to rapidly exploit results.

[*GAMRAY - our Co60 irradiation facility*]