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Component testing and radiations

TRAD offers you almost 20 years of experience in the radiation field of component testing:

Component testing and radiations Total ionizing dose
- Single Event Effects for heavy ions and protons
- Displacement damage
- Neutrons (fast and thermal energies)
- Atmospheric neutrons
- Flash X
- Pulsed laser

Our electrical test team has crossed-skills on electronic development and radiation test expertise. This guarantees optimum cost-efficiency concerning the radiation test.

Our tests are performed following the requirements of the ESA SCC or MIL-PRF specifications upon your request.

Single event tests are performed using a heavy ion beam and will provide you with all the necessary data to characterize or compute rates for Single Event Upset (SEU), Single Event Transient (SET), Single Event Latch up (SEL), Single Event Functional Interrupt (SEFI) and all other Single Event Effects.

Our hardware and software teams can help you handle your complete radiation studies, from the modelization and radiation analysis of your equipment to the design and completion of your test benches and test campaigns.

After each radiation test report is provided, which includes all the device information, the board designs and test benches used and the test results. On request, the data analysis can be supplied in order to extract directly the final total dose threshold or event rate observed.

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